The mission of The National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham is to strengthen and sanctify the human family through pilgrimage and prayer.

The particular emphasis of pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham is the Incarnation of Jesus - the belief, central to the Christian faith, that at a definite date in history, in a certain place, God himself was born of a woman named Mary into a human family.  The Holy House of Walsingham is a reminder of that moment of time in Nazareth and of that house where Jesus lived with Mary and Joseph.  Pilgrims are encouraged to meditate on the Holy Family into which Jesus was born and grew into a man.          
Mary at Bethlehem,         
Pray for all Mothers         

Mary at Nazareth,             
Pray for all Families             

Mary at Cana,                       
Pray for all Married Couples
From the litany of Our Lady of Walsingham
Mary of Nazareth, Our Lady of Walsingham, is the Mother of God, and through him the Mother of all people. 

She is Mater dolorosa, the Sorrowful Mother, who hears the prayers of, and suffers with, all of her children, including the poor, the sick, the lonely, the outcast.  She encourages us to selflessly serve the poor.   

She is the Advocate, the Intercessor, who brings the prayers of her earthly children to the Throne of Christ and there intercedes for humanity before her son.   She hears the prayers of all pregnant women and prays for their unborn child and for that child’s father so that he, like Joseph, will protect and defend his family. 

She is the Queen of Peace, who prays for the defense of all life and an end to violence of all kinds, including war, murder, abortion, rape, and human trafficking, especially that perpetrated against women and children.

She is the Mediatrix, who brings all of the graces of Jesus to humanity, begging that he not weigh our sins but freely grant us his Mercy.  

She is the Queen of Heaven and prays in particular to repair his Church, the Body of Christ, to bridge the divides that prevent Christians from living according to her son’s command to “Love One Another." 

​“The House at Nazareth is where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, where she awaited the birth of her Son and where he grew to manhood.  The Holy House of Walsingham is the universal home of all the adopted children of God.”
- Saint Pope John Paul II