Would You Like to Become a Saint?
Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

What is the “surest, easiest, shortest and the most perfect means” to become a saint? 

The answer is through Mary to Jesus because Mary always points to her son, Jesus! 

This quote is drawn from the spiritual classic, True Devotion to Mary written by St. Louis Marie de Montfort.  Many Catholic renew their 33-day total consecration to Jesus through Mary on a yearly basis.

33-day Period of Prayers and Meditation
Wednesday, March 7 - Monday, April 9

Novena to Our Lady of Walsingham
Friday, March 30 - Monday, April 9

Our Lady of Walsingham Devotional Prayers, Rosary, and Mass
Celebrated by Shrine Director, Father Peter Naah
Monday, April 9, at 12:00 p.m.

Afterward, all who have completed the consecration
will stand to recite the Promise that concludes the 33-day period.

Two of the most popular books are Consecration to Jesus Through Mary - Following the Plan of St. Louis de Montfort, and Father Michael Gaitley’s 33 Days to Morning Glory - A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration.

The 33-Days to Morning Glory may be purchased at Amazon.